Aquaculture Project

May 2008

Champassak province - Laos

Aquaculture, a world issue. Domestication and natural reproduction of the indigenous fish species is a challenge. Work in a developing country like in Laos with a natural border form by the Mother of all the rivers “The Mekong” it runs through 6 countries and the Mekong River Basin hosts one of the most diverse freshwater faunas in the world. There are about 1,400 recorded fish species, and some of them with a large economic potential for aquaculture. The fish breeding season 2008 was the fifth made by the CIRAD and the LARReC in the Champassak Province with the local and regional partners. About 1 000,000 fry aged 2-15 days were produced from the nursing in tanks and about 500,000 fingerlings from the following nursing in ponds. The successful propagation concerned mainly the Bagridae catfish Pa-kheung (H. wyckioides) at the Km8 station in Pakse, with females collected last year in the Mekong River and raised in pond for about 8 months. Work in paksé with H. wyckioides and adapt techniques of natural reproduction of Ictalurus punctatus or breeding C. Microlepis on the mekong bank, it shows all the challenges to keep intact this biodiversity. Hatching, breeding, nursing, keys of domestication especially for the specie C. microlepis, also this new supply on the market create demand like the hydroelectric project Nam Theun 2, a demand of fingerlings for 800 ponds with these two species.

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