Aquacole Project. Natural and artificial reproduction of indigenous species from the Mekong River, production, logistics budget, sales, management, it's our next and important project, without you we can't do it. The purpose of our Ngo is to make that dream come true, by creating a Fish Farm near the children's own village and offering them and their families a real future in their own country. Our priority is to provide a job to many families, to give a better chance, a better future, a self-sufficiency, and an attempt to promote traditional knowledge for future generations. Also the conservation of local species depend on it.

M. Franck secchiaroli already has the technical and professional background for this real and great project.

This project will be conducted in Laos more especially at 40Km from Vientiane Capital. We found a land with road access, electricity and soon at the border an irrigation canal.