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“Mekong Children of rice Field”

Welcome to this blog, here we will publish articles, studies, news about our association in the field but we also wish to exchange with you, share our ideas and for our association to get known, to raise its visibility and increase its community. Thank you for your support and your “Donation”.

Mekong Children of rice Field :

A French Non-governmental Charity Association recognized of a general interest .The purpose of the association is to improve the living conditions of poor children and their families in Southeast Asia. The association: “Mekong children of rice field” brings material and moral support.

To contribute in development of developing countries in Southeast Asia, with the reinforcement of the access in education, school (school supplies, construction and renovation), in drinking water (wells), to bring support to project, like medical (hygiene and medical training and the purchase of medication), farm (agricultural trainings) and aquaculture (digging ponds) project and follow-up of their implementation.

At this moment, we focus on helping children in Laos. Why Laos? It’s the poorest member of ASEAN group of states and dependent on foreign aid. The aim of our organization is to assist the most vulnerable living in Laos, through education, personal and social development.

The RDP Laos is a landlocked country with a population of 6.9 million person, 80% of them live depended on land resources. The RDP Laos is surrounded by powerful neighbors with strong economic growth rates – China to the north, Vietnam to the east, Thailand to the West – Laos is part of the group of least developed countries “landlocked and least developed countries” (LLDC). It ranks 141 out of 177 in the UNDP’s Human Development Index.

The low distribution of wealth in this country greatly increases inequality in access to education, despite sometimes the spectacular economic growth. Families and children face a survival problem. School failure leads to further marginalization, poverty and violence. Our priority is to help children and the most vulnerable families living in Laos through education and social development.